Celebrate Mom at Grub this Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

They say Mother knows best. We say Mother deserves the best. And with Mother’s Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning something special for the woman who raised you… or who is raising your kids. Dads, pay attention!

First, let’s get the obvious out of the way. The mom in your life is going to protest. She’s going to tell you she doesn’t want you to go to any trouble for her. She lies.

Secondly, regarding flowers — yes, you had better send flowers. Now, some (maybe even the woman of the hour herself) will argue that flowers simply wilt after a few days. But don’t let that logic distract you. A bouquet’s intensely ephemeral beauty is what makes it a perfect indulgence worthy of Mother’s Day.

And speaking of indulgence, there’s a good chance the mom in your life is way overdue for some me (read: she) time. Book a massage, a mani/pedi… you know, some good old-fashioned pampering. (And, while she’s away, think about putting the kids into chore overdrive.)

But that isn’t to say that every Mother’s Day needs to carry a hefty price tag. Sometimes the best things in life are free, and — honestly — Mother’s Day shouldn’t be a mere Hallmark moment. Supervise the kids while they draw the most beautiful cards she’s ever seen. Just stock up on the Magic Erasers first. They’re great at making crayon marks disappear from your walls.

Above all, don’t forget brunch! Breakfast in bed is great in theory, but you’re left with crumbs in the sheets and plenty of dirty dishes. Instead, we suggest skipping the mess and bringing Mom to Grub, where she can enjoy her choice of a complimentary mimosa or handcrafted shake (including our spiked shakes). Pair that bevvy with one of our delicious burgers and some onion rings, our light-but-decadent California Chicken Bowl or even our Pesto Turkey Cobb Salad and you’ve got a meal fit for a queen. Especially if you crown the whole thing with a fried egg.

And because we just can’t do enough for these special women, we’re honoring one lucky momma with a spa day. Enter to win on her behalf by visiting our Facebook page, tagging your mom and telling us why she deserves a little “treat yo’self” action. We’ll name the winner on May 11.

Thanks for all you do. Happy Mother’s Day from Grub!

Everything you ever wanted to know about April Fools Day

They say there’s no fool like an April Fool. And at Grub Burger Bar, we’re all about some good-natured shenanigans. But why do we celebrate April Fools on the first of the month by playing pranks on our friends each year?

Here’s a quick history of this hilarious holiday:

Since then, there have been some significant grand-scale gags throughout the years. A few of our favorites include:

If you’re looking for a prank-free zone this April Fools, come see us at Grub — our burgers are no joke. Sure, some of them — like our Guacapotle™, our Mac ‘N’ Cheeseburger and our Voo Doo Mushroom — go a little bit beyond the ordinary. But with buns baked fresh every hour, house-made sauces and dressings, and, of course, our signature blend of 100 percent fresh ground beef, these are some serious eats for serious people.

OK, maybe scratch that last part.

Happy April Fools Day!

Catch the Madness this March at Grub!

March College Basketball

Have you caught the madness? For college hoops fans, March is the most exciting month of the year. It’s a time for brackets and pools. It’s also a time to celebrate Cinderellas, conference powerhouses and last-second heroics. In short, it’s hours and hours and hours of glorious, high-stakes basketball.

Naturally, we’re gladly feeling the insanity. And feeding it, too.

You see, when it comes to game-day nosh, we like to think we’re the top seed. What’s that, you say? Bias? Favoritism?

We’ll admit it. But hear us out.

Pizza is great and all, but it comes with the risk of messing up your team chemistry. What do you do when everyone wants a different topping? With burgers, you get your way every time – Bacon Love #9? Voodoo Mushroom — and you don’t have to share if you don’t want to. Not to mention all the possibilities! If you are not a carnivore, that is not a problem! You can rebound with Grub’s meatless Hippie Chickpea or limited time Ahi Tuna Burger, here all of March and April.

And then there are wings. Delicious? Absolutely. Messy? Absolutely. The great thing about burgers is that the bun keeps fingers relatively sauce-free. And, if you’re still worried about wearing your food, try our delicious Salmon Filet Bowl or California Chicken Bowl. They’re basically burgers you eat with a fork. No muss, no fuss!

As for nachos? Look, we love queso as much as the next person. That’s why we make our own Chorizo Queso. Yes, it’s amazing, and yes, you should get some. Obviously, it’s delicious with chips, and it also makes for a fantastic burger topping. Talk about a game-changer.

We know, we know. We’re stuffing the stat sheet here. But seeing our Grub in action is the only way to go. So why not join us this March? Whether your local Grub will have the tournament showing on the big screen or you just need some Grub to-go for your watch party, our burgers, shakes and drink specials are all slam dunks.

So get to Grub and get your championship on.

Bring all of the Grub to you with the debut of Grub Catering!

Grub Catering

Looking to feed a crowd? Lucky for you, we know how to please a crowd. And with the debut of Grub Catering, it’s never been easier to bring the flavors of Grub Burger Bar to your home or office.

Catering currently is available through our locations, in College Station, TX, City Centre (Houston, TX), Dallas, TX (Greenville Avenue only), Tyler, TX, Tallahassee, FL, Akers Mills (Atlanta, GA), Montgomeryville, PA, and North Wilmington, DE.

We’ll be rolling it out everywhere later in 2018, just in time for any event you might plan: tailgate, school function, company meeting, office lunch, holiday party or big get-together. Simply put: You’ve got mouths to feed, and we’ve got several options they’re sure to love.

First up, the burgers. Choose an assortment of up to three of our most popular burgers, including the Front Porch, the Guacapotle, the Lockhart Legend, the California Chicken, Bacon Love #9 and the Jive Turkey.

You can turn those burgers into boxed meals with the addition of individually portioned sides, such as Garden Salad or Onion Rings and brownies, or serve them buffet-style with side platters of Mac ‘N’ Cheese, Brussels Sprouts, Black Bean and Charred Corn Medley or Chorizo Queso with tortilla chips.

In addition to burgers, our catering options also include our Grilled Chicken Wrap, hand-cut and double-battered Harlem Chicken Tenders, Grilled Chicken Breast and Ground and Pesto Turkey Bowls, Napa Salad and Pesto Turkey Cobb Salad.

Thirsty? Round out your order with iced tea (your choice of mango, raspberry hibiscus, sweet or unsweetened) or bottles of water.

And don’t forget dessert. Our house-made brownies are sure to satisfy the sweetest of sweet tooths.

Ready to make some magic? Email your local store a day in advance for all catering requests, and you’ll receive a confirmation email that same day. (For larger parties, please provide us with at least 1 week’s advance notice.) We can’t wait to cater your next party or event!

Experience true bliss at Happier Hours every day at Grub

Happier Hours

There’s no such thing as too much happiness. So the concept of “happy hour” just isn’t going to cut it. Why limit bliss to only 60 minutes? And why settle for happy when you can be happier than happy? That’s why we’re getting the party going twice a day, every day, with our new Happier Hours at Grub Burger Bar.

You heard that right. Our first round of Happier Hours runs from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The encore begins at 9 p.m. and lasts until close. We do this seven days a week. That means that about half of your waking hours are designated Happier Hours. (We did the math.)

So what can you expect to enjoy during your Happier Hours?

How about $5 Cheese Fries? That’s an order of our famous skinny fries topped with melted Monterey Jack and Cheddar, bacon and our house-made jalapeño ranch.

Then there’s our Chorizo Queso. Just $5 gets you creamy queso topped with chorizo, ground beef and homemade guac, plus a generous helping of warm tortilla chips.

You also can get any of our spiked shakes for five bucks. The Bourbon & Caramel? Five bucks. The Boozy Mint Chocolate Chip? Also five bucks. Tipsy Worms & Dirt? Five bucks. ET Drunk Dial? Dirty Kitchen Sink? We think you know where we’re going with this.

Also on special are wines: the dry red blend 19 Crimes and Cupcake, a Sauvignon Blanc. Or celebrate Happier Hours with any of our bottled and draught beer (selection varies by location) or any of our signature cocktails.

And, of course, there’s always our Five Dollar Rita, made fresh with Sauza Silver Tequila, orange liqueur, orange and lime juice.

With so many options, mix it up and have it your way for even more happiness. Whenever the need for a little pick-me-up hits, head over to Grub Burger Bar with confidence. You can even set up a Happier Hours party with us. So contact your local Grub today to put your Happier Hours on the clock.

How Happy Pie Co. is Helping the World One Pie at a Time

Happy Pie Co.

A good pie can change the world. No, really. Hear us out.

aIt’s a universally accepted fact that life is hard sometimes. But no doubt you’ve heard the saying “easy as pie.” Well, it stands to reason that a slice or two can be just the thing to make life a little better.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce Grub’s latest project, Happy Pie Co. Since every Grub Burger Bar already sports an in-house bakery where we bake our fresh breads and buns daily, we’re also perfectly set up to start dishing out delicious pies.

So that’s what we’re doing. Baking pies. But, we should point out, we’re baking with a mission — to spread happiness through amazing pies, connecting good vibes between people.

And because we believe in giving back to the communities and neighborhoods that have given us such a warm welcome over the past few years, we’re also baking for good causes. For each one of our Chocolate Pecan Pies that we sell through Dec. 31, we’ll donate $5 to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund, the Boot Campaign and other local charities. And, for every pie you purchase, we’ll give you a $10 Grub Burger Bar voucher.

Our goal is to raise $250,000 through the end of 2017, with the aim of writing checks to those organizations that make life a little easier for others in our community as soon as the calendar flips to 2018.

So you see? A little pie can be a great thing. You can grab one in stores or order online, and we’ll deliver to your home or office. Your pie is waiting for you. With the holidays nearly here, now’s the perfect time to place your order. It’s the season of giving, after all, so treat yourself and give back to some awesome charities, one pie at a time.

How to get your Halloween treat at Grub


Double, double toil and Grubble. Yes, that’s the sound your stomach makes when you’re hungry for Grub. It’s Halloween, and we are really feeling it. The costumes, the candy, “The Monster Mash” on an endless loop – we’ve assembled all the ingredients for a spooktacular good time.

And because we know a thing or two about ingredients – we use only the finest for our chef-inspired burgers, bowls, salads and shakes – we’d like to offer a couple of hints for how to celebrate Halloween in true Grub style.

Late night is just right at Grub Burger Bar. Right now, you can get any draft beer and burger for just $10 after 8 p.m. This is no trick. Get the Bacon Love #9 (Applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and secret sauce #9) and a bracingly cold lager for $10. Or try the Lockhart Legend (Applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, Dr Pepper BBQ sauce, two onion rings and sliced dill pickles) and a wickedly hopped IPA for just 10 bucks. The Scorpion (pepper jack cheese, Trinidad Morgua scorpion sauce, grilled jalapeños, lettuce and tomato) and a darker-than-midnight craft porter? You guessed it: 10 smackeroos. We can think of no better reason to spend some Hamiltons.

And for a treat, try one of our devilishly delicious handcrafted shakes on for size. The Worms & Dirt (crushed Oreos and gummy worms) or the ET Shake (Reeses Pieces, peanut butter, chocolate and a peanut butter cookie) are decadent, delightful and the perfect capper to an evening of trick-or-treating. For a 21-and-over variation, try the Tipsy Worms & Dirt and the ET Drunk Dial. They use the same recipes as their tamer counterparts, only with the addition of chocolate vodka. You’re welcome.

Trick or treat yo self! Happy Halloween from Grub Burger Bar!

Grub Gives Back!

At Grub Burger Bar, we recognize how much we get from the communities in which we’re located. That’s why we’re excited to have the opportunity to give back to the community through our ‘Grub Gives Back‘ campaign!

With the start of the new school year upon us, we’re offering plenty of opportunities for schools and student organizations to bring in some cash while enjoying some delicious food.

The program is simple: when you sign up, your organization receives a percentage of an order’s profits every time a Grub diner mentions your school or program at check-out.

A ‘Grub Gives Back’ initiative can last a day, a week or even a month. It’s a great way to raise money for athletic departments — let’s be real: the mascot could use a new uniform — fund a specific cause (such as new computers), save up for a class trip or aid a family, student or teacher in need.

Care to make things interesting? Set up a competition with the crosstown rivals. All you have to do to get the ball rolling is to get in touch with the manager at your local Grub.

And we’ve got other ways to make back-to-school tasty.

For example, you might enlist your local Grub Burger Bar to host or participate in special events such as a teacher/administration happy hour, PTA kick-off celebration, a meet-the-teacher reception or a summer reading program awards ceremony.

Grub also offers food sampling for activities such as school picnics or field days, as well as the first day of school and the last day of school before holidays or the school year.

Or consider making Grub donation items, such as gift cards or feast certificates, available during carnivals and fundraisers. Really, can you think of a better silent auction item?

Feasts also make for an excellent classroom incentive. Forget about dangling a carrot in front of your students — try dangling a delicious burger and side of fries in the form of a gift card.

For fun educational activities, don’t hesitate to call on your local Grub Burger Bar. We can provide kitchen tours for culinary students interested in learning about bread-making and menu breakdown. We also can incorporate vital Grub stats into real-world lesson plans. For example, kids can learn about geography by studying all our locations. Or they can learn about math by adding up sales receipts.

And don’t forget to send us an invite for career day. We’d love to talk about what it takes to work in this fast-paced and exciting environment.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a buzz and let’s work out some way for Grub to Give Back!

Back to School with Grub Burger Bar

The days of scented markers and cartoon character-emblazoned lunch boxes might be far behind you, but there’s still something special about the first day of school. Call us sentimental, but this time of year has us yearning for freshly sharpened No. 2 pencils and Trapper Keepers. In lieu of satisfying those weird cravings, Grub Burger Bar is ready to help you ring the new school year in… well, if not in style, then at least in delicious fashion.

First, let’s talk after-school snacks. Through Sept. 3, we’re running a 2-for-1 deal on shakes every day from 2 to 5 p.m. Who would bring in for a free shake? That cutie from Chemistry 101? Your through-thick-and-thin BFF? That tough history professor you’re hoping to win over? Or would you go solo and save the second in the freezer for your next all-nighter? Hey, we won’t judge.

Because we know student budgets aren’t exactly generous, we’re offering a burger and beer special through Sept. 3 as well. Between the hours of 8 p.m. and close, pick any burger and beer and make a combo for just 10 bucks. We did the math (it’s not calculus or anything) and found that there are more than 150 possible combinations to choose from, which means you have ample opportunity to get creative — but you’ll want to hurry, as this deal will last for only a limited time.

Don’t forget to use our GrubLove app to save both money and time this semester. Every time you scan a receipt you rack up rewards points redeemable for free Grub. You also can use the app to order ahead. Smart? Well, you might not zoom to the head of the class, but you will advance to the front of the line.

And because Grub Burger Bar believes in giving back, we’re happy to partner with student organizations and other nonprofits. Contact your local store manager to find out how we can make something magic happen through our Profit Sharing program.

Here’s to an excellent school year!

25 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Grub

So you think you know Grub Burger Bar. You have your favorite burger and shake. You’re always up on the seasonal specials. You take full advantage of the Grub Love appBut there’s a lot more to the Grub than meets the eye. Here are 25 fun facts you never knew about Grub Burger Bar!

  1. What’s in a name? Ours came from a cookbook our founder saw on display in a bookstore while on vacation with his family.

  2. Hello, Mr. Popular. The Mac ‘N’ Cheeseburger has been our most frequently featured market burger.

  3. We got the name for our Jive Turkey burger from the 1983 comedy “Trading Places.”

  4. We’re a pretty chill place to work. Case in point: Nine employees have been with us since Day 1 of our opening in March 2012.

  5. Going against the grain? We have gluten-free buns available, and many of our menu items (such as our sweet potato fries, chorizo queso and some of our salads) are naturally gluten-free.

  6. We’re inspired by the best of the best. Our Lockhart Legend burger is named after is named after the city of Lockhart, which is the BBQ capital of Texas.

  7. Sometimes things change. Our original Hippie Chick burger had a portabella mushroom pattie.

  8. Staying true to our roots, our headquarters is located down the road from the original Grub Burger Bar in College Station, TX.

  9. Some might call us saucy. That’s because we have more than 14 sauces and dressings we make ourselves from scratch.

  10. What’s on tap? Well, that depends on location and season, but all stores carry Shiner Bock so they can make our Shiner Bock beer-battered onion rings.

  11. All of our stores have wooden 2x4s somewhere in their design. Have fun counting them!

  12. Everyone has a nerdy side. Our chef, for example, competed in Excel sheet competitions in high school. He is so good with Excel, his nickname is the Excel Wizard.

  13. We’re perfectionists. It took us nine times to get our Bacon Love secret sauce right, which is why it’s named “Secret Sauce #9.”

  14. Sometimes it’s the simple things. Of all our spiked shakes, the Bourbon & Caramel is the most popular.

  15. You know what we said about being perfectionists? Well, we used to have straight-cut sweet potato fries, but then we realized the waffle cut is just way better. You’re welcome.

  16. Say what? Our Guacapotle™  is pronounced guac-a-POLT-lay.

  17. Hey, we’re open to suggestions. We thought we had our guac recipe down pat when we opened, but one of our kitchen guys, Arturo, made a few tweaks here and there and made it even better.

  18. Remember the iPod? Our restaurant playlists are inspired by what our founder had on his iPod.

  19. The doctor is in the house! No, really. Whenever we make decisions, we ask ourselves, “What would Dr. Seuss do?”

  20. There’s just something about the South. Our first store outside of Texas was in Atlanta, GA.

  21. Grub go Bragh. We love taking part in the Dallas St. Patty’s Day Parade on Greenville Avenue, where you can find us cooking burgers and pouring beer. Keep an eye out for us. We’re the ones wearing green.

  22. OK, so we like movies. The name for our You’re My Boy Blue burger came from the 2003 comedy “Old School.”

  23. Hey, bartender. Every Grub has a full bar that includes top-shelf liquor, craft beer, wine and more.

  24. No growing pains here. Since we first opened up shop five years ago, we’ve expanded to 18 stores in seven different states — and we’re looking to add more.

  25. This is what it’s all about: Grub stands for Good people, Real food, Unique vibe and Big flavors.